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Software Development

In today's volatile and complex business world, enterprises need to become digitally smarter to respond to the evolving needs of their customers. Neven IT Services makes it easy to transform ones business operations by accepting technology innovation to meet changing market conditions.

We have a sophisticated team of developers working with latter Technologies viz BlockChain, IoT, Application development using python, Mobile apps and many. Our team elucidate things to clients which helps out to adapt smart applications to enhance their business.


Our software products includes Business ERP softwares, Education, Health care sector, construction, Service Industry, Hospitality Sector, Government and all private sectors. We also works in design and development of static and dynamic and ERP websites which are favorably responsive. And the development of web and mobile apps had graduated to those that are predominantly based on cloud and smart interface.

Agile Scrum

Neven software team ensure to achieve results as per clients requirement by exploiting "Agile Methodologies". We predominantly use "Agile Scrum Methodology" which helps out product owner works closely with the team to identify and prioritize system functionality. Discerning bugs during several iteration and incremental process of development and fixing them to ensure delivery of the product with in the time frame is the key of agile scrum model.

In software industrial vertical agile scrum model has its dominance and by 2015 according to pulse of the profession statistics 75% of highly agile organizations met their business intent, 65% finished on time and 67 % finishes within budget.

We always look to enhance efficiency, productivity and capability of businesses by delivering the expected Products & Services above & beyond industry values and customer expectations. Our innovative ideas & cutting-edge solutions make outsourcing works for various business solutions and expand beyond the boundaries


Neven team is very tentative to adapt the latest project management methodologies, DevOps is one of those.DevOps is methodology that automates the process between development and IT operations.DevOps life-cycle involves important stages like continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous monitoring, Virtualization and Containerization which ensures to deliver the product with assured quality in timely manner.

It is not the replacement of agile scrum methodology.DevOps is the next step of Agile methodology.